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A Proven Faith

The following is a poem I wrote on the passing of a dear friend, Gary Goldberg.


A Proven Faith

Tis easy to praise G0d on a bright spring morn

With the songbird singing and dew fresh born

With the scent of flowers on the wind so fair

On a day so fine with nought to care

But when the bird flies away in the face of the storm

And the wind portents a fury born

When the blackened sky obscures the sun

And the driving rain makes rivers run

Now is when a faith is tried

Only when the heart has cried

In the absence of a compass true

And a sky devoid of restful hue

Now the believer anchors his soul

In the care of God Who has but one goal

To perfect a faith in His dear one true

And to take him home through the heavenly blue

About The Author

Rabbi at Torah For All | Website | + posts

Rabbi Claude Scheiner has a vast and varied experience, beginning with a 16-year active-duty career in the United States Navy where he served in many capacities including Avionics, Electronic Warfare, and Espionage systems. He did many tours overseas including having served at Danang Air Base, Vietnam. He then shifted gears and became trained and certified to work in the U.S. Navy’s Counseling and Assistance Centers for the majority of his active duty time. During this period, he was privileged to provide meaningful and in-depth counseling and education to fellow service members struggling with many issues.

After leaving the military, he added several professional certifications as a counselor, instructor, and clinical supervisor and worked in several community counseling agencies. He eventually became a clinical director of counseling programs for criminal offenders and was on a county and state board. Additionally, he has volunteered as a Mentor with a local Veteran’s court to provide guidance and direction to other fellow veterans.

Over the course of many years of study, he was ordained as a Messianic Jewish Rabbi in 2013 at Congregation Bet Shalom v’Emet in Fresno, California under the authority of Rabbi Amnon Shor.

He is blessed to be married to his wife, Carole, since 1979. She is his best friend. Their son, Sean, is a source of pride to them both.

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