The following articles are by Rabbi Claude:


A Proven Faith (A poem I wrote upon the passing of a dear friend, Gary Goldberg)

A Proven Faith


The Holy Spirit in Dispensational Theory (A Biblical challenge for Dispensationalists)

The Holy Spirit in Dispensational Theory


The Rapture Bible Challenge (A Biblical challenge for the pre-tribulation rapture theorists)



Two Covenants in Acts 15? (A Biblical challenge for the “Noachide theory”)

Two Covenants in Acts 15


Tithes and Offerings (A Biblical challenge regarding money)

Tithes and Offerings


The following assortment of teaching articles from many authors answer many important questions about Messianic Judaism in these last days:


Issues involving Holidays:

CHRISTMAS or Pagan Mass


The History of Christmas

Easter the Counterfeit Passover


The True Origins of Valentines Day

Is Sunday the Sabbath

Did Yeshua Break the Sabbath

Romans 14 and Sabbath


Issues regarding Gentile Inclusion:



Role of the Non-Jew according to the Tanach


Other important issues to deal with:


Foods Created for the Benefit of Man

Eternal Security


Hagee – Defending Israel to Death

HaSheeloosh HaKadosh The Holy Trinity

I am Dead Now What


Lifesaving Station


The Ten Commandments, Killing, and Murder

Not Subject to the Law of God

Origins of the Term Cross


The Cold Within

Scriptural Truths for Roman Catholics

Two House Fatal Errors

What Does Under the Law Mean