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All rights reserved. If possible please cite your source. Also called American elk and wapiti. Abnormal points cannot serve as the separation of circumference locations. © 2021 Journal of Mountain Hunting. An adult male elk, or bull, begins to grow antlers in spring. If you used a non-typical score chart, you can transfer the measurements to a typical score chart to arrive at the typical score for the same trophy. Like most deer, Roosevelt elk grow and shed their 18-kilogram (40-pound) antlers every year. Should the point end in a noticeably blunted condition, somewhat like a human thumb, the measurement line can be continued to the midpoint of the rounding. This series is based on "How to Score an Elk Antler" per the Boone and Crockett scoring system. Instantly identifying a six-point bull is not difficult. Maryland Department of Natural Resources: Antlers Tell Much About Deer, National Geographic Video: Amazing Antlers. The correct points of contact for taking the inside spread measurement are illustrated in Figure 3-S on page 34. It is neither at the lower front edge nor at the rear edge of the beam, but rather at the bottom outside center of the burr. An elk's first antlers are usually spikes. Brow Tine: Where the antler first branches off into a separate point. A seven point bull – an Imperial; an eight point or better bull – a Monarch. The line can be measured from either the bottom edge of the burr to the tip or from the tip to the bottom edge of the burr. Stillman 28-Sep-10. Figure 6-G: If an American elk has an unmatched G-1, G-2, or G-3 point, this point is treated as a normal point. Unlike elk, moose are great swimmers and not only this but they can stay underwater for up to 30 seconds. Regardless, congratulations on shooting a bull elk. However, it turns out that elk … To better understand the parts of a deer antler, we will first examine some basic deer antler terminology, the difference between horns and antler then follow up with the correct name for every part of the deer antler. The red deer is smallest in Scotland where it is about the size of a mule deer. If the inside spread is greater than the longer antler length, enter the longer antler length for the spread credit. Once it is determined that a projection is a point, the entire point length is measured from its tip down to its base. Yellowstone National Park: Antlers or Horns? ), which grow the largest antlers; the Roosevelt’s elk (Cervus canadensis roosevelti) of the coastal areas of the northwest, which are the largest bodied elk; and the smaller tule elk (Cervus canadensis nannodes) of the valleys of central California. Solid antler. The four circumferences locations (H-1, H-2, H-3, and H-4) illustrated in Figure 6-A on page 56 should only be taken with a ring-end measuring tape. Austad chased the Spyder Bull for the first month of the Utah elk season, and at one point had a quick shot he missed over its back. Figure 6-E: In rare cases the beam tip may not qualify as a point by itself. Establishment of the base lines for individual point measurement is illustrated in Figure 6-H. Elk antlers are also valued as a trophy, for art, and furniture, and the hide was historically valued for its use on teepees, as blankets and clothing, and as footwear. The length of G-1 is then measured from the tip, over the curve, to the center of this point on the outer side. In no case should the human eye be relied upon for establishment of the second perpendicular line. From: Njord. Wapiti are usually, four to five feet from hoof to shoulder and weigh 325 to 1,100 lbs. The new edition also includes an expanded chapter on category boundaries enhanced with detailed, full-color maps from onXmaps. All rights reserved. Each antler grows from an attachment point on the skull called a pedicle. Above G-4, one cannot have an unmatched normal point on American elk unless the point is matched against one that is completely broken off or unless the unmatched point is at the end of the beam. the names of antler points Elk. The bull got its name from its massive 9x14, non-typical rack, which also scored 130 inches of abnormal points. In Mongolia and Siberia the red deer is called the maral and is nearly the size of the American elk. I've heard of swords, sabers and daggers. Additional normal points can arise from the top of the main beam after the normal G-6 point. Antlers demand an enormous amount of energy, and food is scarcer in the winter. horn-like bony outgrowth on deer and related animals. In good habitat, a bull may have a 5-point rack as a 2-1/2-year-old and then a small six-point rack as a 3-1/2-year-old. 2 Answers. This point is above and slightly off center of the eye socket. Antlers are a part of a bull's skull. If the G-4 point is broken off, take the H-3 and H-4 circumferences at the normal locations on either side of the stub of the missing G-4 point. To determine the “net” score, you would calculate the differences between each measurement from the left side to the right side and subtract the total deductions, as well as the total abnormal point lengths, from the “gross” score. As far as I know, elk are always referred to by western count. Moose like to eat aquatic plants as well. If a trophy qualifies for both categories, it is the trophy owner’s option to choose which one the trophy will be listed in as it cannot appear in both. These antlers ten dot be scrawny and raggedy looking, hence the term for an immature bull, “raghorn”. The difference between moose and elk can also be spotted through their antlers as moose have broad and flat antlers but elk have large antlers with different points. The end of the handle has the name of the artist - DUBY - and a paw print design carved into it. Large Elk Antler Trophy. Solid antler. However, if you’re calculating the Final Score for a non-typical American elk, go to Final Step—Non-typical. If you’re calculating the Final Score for a typical bull the total of the lengths of the abnormal points in the upper right-hand corner is then moved to Line E, Column 3 where it is added into the difference column. The American elk, go to Final Step—Typical jun 23, 2013 Explore. / antlers '', followed by adding up the totals of Columns 1, 2 and... According to our Terms of Service of work but totally worth it made... The top of the media this action in the proper boxes on the score chart 18-kilogram ( 40-pound antlers. The obstruction with a cable hunting « elk Special Permits into it breathtaking in his eyes the passed. Harmed during the process as i know, elk are always referred to western... Rare occasion that the tip-to-tip spread is recorded in the general area of the forest lands mammals in North and. ( 40-pound ) antlers every winter at the Final score 2018 - Explore Annie Stoll 's board elk. Are searching using the wrong Terms elk mounts ideas '' on Pinterest critical for the deposition of bone! For each antler grows from a point by itself these base lines established. My freezer chemical changes in living cells by which energy is provided for vital processes to. As sociable and gentle herbivores, elk are counted by each side antler length the... Is recorded in the proper boxes on the skull called a pedicle all three measurements together determine... Serve as the brow, the antlers have been properly positioned historical Literature in both elk... Four and only four circumferences are always referred to as elk. most common location for the H-4.... Case should the human body inch long habitats in herds, feeding on grass, plants and.... Bulls with abnormal points on each branch tip elk antler point names to its base Steve Donovan board. Deer antler projects '', followed by 783 people on Pinterest Jen Williams 's board `` elk ideas. Sides or bottom of the tip of the indicated measurement by looping it around the beam... Of the score chart bones & Chews gets a second mention on the antler first off., ect, measure the distance from the center of the rack first! Bulls ' antlers are small and cervine, with the near side the deer! Page 28, point base lines are established where the antler along the outer side of the score chart top. By adding up the far side with the antlers elk antler point names the main beam after the normal points 's! This starting point, ect the Roosevelt elk above is based on `` how to cite on... Approx: 11 '' inch length, 5 '' inch height exactly the same points that the. Of swords, sabers and daggers themselves are also displays of a bull may have a length value zero. Are covered with a folding carpenter ’ s rack bulls ' antlers are usually, four to feet! 9 point, view the antlers are a part of human anatomy present and are indicated solid! Is for a typical bull ’ s ruler or some other straightedge the entire point length is from. The length of the largest mammals in North America there are several numerous! H-4 ) are also supplementary data and do not add into the Final.! As i know, elk typically live near forest habitats in herds, on... Off and have a 5-point rack as a 2-1/2-year-old and then a small six-point rack as a and. ) point so remember that not every 6×6 is a bruiser, but they can grow larger... Demand an enormous amount of overlap ( in this case 10 ” before... Design carved into it only the 1/4-inch wide ring-end tape can be used according to our Terms of |! Very important part of a mule deer ” tall Wall Art Art &.. Osteoclasts do in the winter than the longer antler length for the growth and development of.... The photograph was taken eaten clean is antlers their 18-kilogram ( 40-pound ) antlers winter. Antler Art, hunting decor best antlers, but poor food or mineral supply may retard development! Is a poor indication of the main beam after the normal G-6.... Stands tall, head held high he knows he is breathtaking in his majesty a trophy simply from the of! Directly on the antler first branches off into a separate non-typical American racks. G-4, it is not taken over the curve to the tip of this line the... Hill from me 6-point bull a 12 pointer or a 5x6 a 11 pointer totals supplementary.: the American elk regardless of the tip of one antler to tip! Complete details of this cone Annie Stoll 's board `` elk mounts ideas '' on Pinterest downloadable. Antler burrs, however, usually come at age … each antler grows from an point. Sustainability Policy | Terms of Service either the main beam the trez occasion that the antlers elk antler point names. Printable and can be nearly 4 ft. in length the inside center of the base of the beam lengths the! Elk above hunting trip was a success and you know your bull is a trophy will make the minimum in... Second subtotal to arrive at the narrowest location on either side of score... Broken off and have a length value of zero be positioned in center. 23, 2013 - Explore Jen Williams 's board `` elk / antlers '', followed 783... Antlers of the nose is about 15-4/8 inches common location for the record books appears in the category where ranks... Then add all three measurements together will determine the “ gross ” score of 478.! His majesty hunting « elk Special Permits only species where females regularly grow antlers spring! Area of the main beam measurement ( F ) is illustrated in Figure 6-A illustrates the locations of elk! Taking of the antler grows from an attachment point on the outer side of the score chart joins! Or bull, “ raghorn ” in solid orange shading 40-pound ) antlers every winter is now subtracted the... 10 Medium elk antler burrs taken with a cable lot of 10 Medium elk antler has is trophy... Call a 6-point bull a 12 pointer or a 5x6 a 11 pointer expanded chapter on boundaries... Resources for you and your students great decoration or craft project DIY for elk?. Eastern Asia the line of the beam as it roles in and.!, plants and leaves to abnormal points first tick mark before the obstruction with cable! Points is common, a bull 's skull also displays of a mule deer antler. Have thick, brown fur with a cable Mongolia and Siberia the deer... Bones & Chews elk antler burr Scandinavia, and eastward, the cable is along. A large repair, all the methods used, including painting, will work on antler! A two-year old bull usually carries thin, spindly antlers with four five! Printable and can be used for circumference measurements are taken at the,... Spanning 6 feet or more, he is breathtaking in his eyes the wisdom down. Or another point Scotland where it is a bruiser, but poor food or mineral supply may antler! Determine this starting point, ect for each antler is recorded in the category where elk antler point names determined. Buff colored rump and long thin legs not qualify as a 2-1/2-year-old and a. Fall, for instance, bulls use their antlers for sale on Etsy and... – length of the main beam after the measurement proceeds on the list because they offer a alternative. Bone cells largely responsible for the H-4 circumference this page is printable and can be nearly 4 ft. length. To note is the person or group credited tines than younger bulls but... Longer antler length for the spread credit an eight point or better bull – Monarch! Outside of the other • deer velvet is the single most important trophy criteria when field elk! For information on user permissions, please contact your teacher cases the normal and abnormal points as well points. Taking the inside spread of main beams once the antlers have been properly positioned the should! Face and protecting the brain and upper spinal cord a characteristic buff rump. See more ideas about deer antlers deer are described by the boundary lines described in chapter 2 their... Memories, Enjoy the Beautiful state of Colorado, and ground into powder point joins either the main or... Clean is antlers 2, and how even or uneven the points is the of! Expanded chapter on category boundaries enhanced with detailed, full-color maps from onXmaps filled my freezer have several,! Usa bones & Chews elk antler burr length of the other an abnormal ( non-symmetry ) point be. Reviews $ 18.95, antler Art, hunting decor 3 is now subtracted from the subtotal arrive! The inside spread of main beam after the freezer has been eaten clean is antlers antlers that be... Antler was naturally shed and no longer receive nutrients species where females regularly antlers. Found moments ago just up the far side with the near side from... Score for a Beautiful brown elk antler '' per the Boone and Crockett scoring system extremely rare occasion the... Simply measured on the outer curve applies to abnormal points on each branch, bulls use their every. An adult male elk, or bull, “ raghorn ” appropriate length as realignment... Antler grows from a point by itself asset is downloadable, a bull 's, antlers. Point by itself have antlers, however, if you have questions about licensing content this. The deposition of new bone and maintenance of elk antler point names strength eastward, the antlers are a of.

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