The following Audio/Visual PowerPoint Slideshows are on a variety of teachings and messages. The slideshow is synced to the audio and saved as a movie file so all you need do is open and enjoy.



An important examination of a modern error that has infected the body of Messiah. This is a Biblical refutation of the relatively recent errant teaching known as Dispensationalism – Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth.

US Constitution

Some inspiring words from the founding fathers or our country on the U.S. Constitution

Eternal Security

Josh McDowell once famously said: “Faith is the assurance of the heart in the adequacy of the evidence.” Does your heart need assurance right now? Would you like to KNOW what God has to say regarding your security in Him? I invite you to listen to His words on the subject.



In honor and remembrance of the fallen heroes in Israel and in celebration of the Independence of the modern state of Israel (according to the Jewish calendar). Here is my arrangement of Hatikvah (The Hope) the National Anthem of Israel. May Adonai continue to bless her and keep her strong!


From Anxiety to Shalom

Are you experiencing fear, uncertainty or anxiety due to the present circumstances and challenges we are all facing?
Do you need to know God’s peace in a meaningful and personal way in your life right now?
I am certain you will be blessed by these powerful truths from the unchanging Word of God.


Judaism and Early Christianity

An important message on the restoration of truth. Do you know the history of the early believers in Yeshua? Do you know they were initially all Jewish and that gentiles were grafted in to this existing body of believers? Do you know that the book of Acts chronicles their faith practices as Torah observant for both Jews and gentiles? Do you know how many anti-Torah theologies were created during the first 300 years which resulted in a significant level of error? If the foundation of our faith is removed, how stable will the rest of the building be?


The Ten Commandments or the Ten Suggestions

When was the last time you heard a message on The Ten Commandments? Are they just a relic of “old religion” or do they have contemporary application to today’s culture? The answer may surprise you. Here is a Scriptural examination of absolute truth versus the foolish assumptions, theorems and self-serving inventions of man working through his own vanity.


Torah for All

Has the Torah “been done away with”? Is the Torah just for Jews? Do gentiles have any relationship to the Torah? An important message to the body of Messiah!


15 Ways to Misinterpret Paul

Was the Apostle Paul “mixed-up” in his theology? Did he evolve from law to grace? Was he anti-Torah? Was Paul a sort of chameleon changing his theology to fit the norms of the people he was talking to? Discover the “real Paul” as you learn his consistent message of “Pro-Torah, Pro-Grace and Anti-Legalism”.


Falsely Accused

Have you ever been falsely accused of something? That is exactly what modern theologians have done to Stephen and Paul in the book of Acts. A thorough examination of the facts not only vindicates them both but lays a serious charge of bias against many Bible teachers today!


Understanding Paul and the Torah

Here is another teaching that is designed to bring clarity to the issues surrounding the Apostle Paul and his relation to the Torah.


The Nature and Purposes of the Torah

Here is teaching on the Nature and many Purposes of the Torah. May you be blessed.