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Basic Sciences Review Course I (SKD 091) is designed to help medical students who did not take or pass the USMLE Step 1. Frederick K Williams, MD Program Director/DIO Frederick Williams, MD, FACP completed his medical degree at the University of South Florida and Internal Medicine Residency at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. Each student will complete history and physical examination, an assessment plan and a treatment plan in at least two (2) new patients per week. Candidates that have completed the degree (BA / BS) will be given preference. Provide all the documents and information required by the Financial Aid. Welcome to the University of Puerto Rico Emergency Medicine Residency Program website. In the event that an adverse decision is made due to non-academic reasons and the Dean of Medicine sustains the decision after the appeal process, the student may appeal to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs and then to the President. When evaluating the applicants, the Medical Admissions’ Committee selects the best of all candidates applying. The Ponce Health Sciences University Medical Program does not measure academic progress by cumulative grade point average. All MD students must take the USMLE Step 2-CS component as a requirement for graduation. Since its conception on 1993 as the first Emergency Medicine Residency Program in Puerto Rico, our program has strived to train the best emergency physicians that will become tomorrow leaders in emergency medicine. It is strongly recommended that the students take the USMLE Step 2-CK no later than August 30, of the year they will start applying to residency programs, in a way the score is available when the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS) opens and the interviews for residency programs begin. Students who pass all preclinical courses and have not interrupted the regular medical curriculum program of studies will be allowed to enroll in the clerkships the first semester of the first clinical year, for which taking or passing USMLE Step 1 will not be required. These courses are scheduled as a block of 18 contact hours during the last week of the first academic year and another block of 7 hours at the beginning of the second academic year, for a total 25 contact hours. Financial Aid eligibility is contingent upon satisfactory academic progress. The courses are divided in the following units: Structural and functional relationships of proteins, Energy generation and storage from carbohydrate metabolism, Energy Generation and storage from lipid metabolism, Nitrogen metabolism, Gene expression and control, and Medical Genetics. These are two courses, one-semester-long each, of interactive classroom sessions and small group discussions designed to provide students with a basic understanding of drug actions in order to assure appropriate clinical utilization of pharmacological agents. Particular emphasis is given to basic and general pathologic reactions to noxious stimuli. Interpersonal skills, professional attitudes and educational attitudes will be developed and evaluated through direct observation of the student by the proctor in the hospital and ambulatory settings and in the classroom. Please refer to the Student Financial Aid Manual for specific information regarding all the dynamics of financial aid as it applies to new and continuing students. The test score along with the students’ academic performance during the first years of medical studies will be used to assess the readiness of the student to take and pass the USMLE Step 1. The course will familiarize the student with Emergency and Admission Room procedures consisting of: history, physical examination, diagnostic measures, treatment when needed (emergency or otherwise) and disposition of case (home, hospitalization, outpatient clinics, office care). Block rotation throughout the year for the student fails one course, should. Receiving the notification ’ block rotation throughout the year for which admission is requested your seat in the second is. Has a traditional curriculum, with patients, their families to provide medical! Learning ( PBL ) as the introduction to clinical practice sites in the community psychological and status., Psychiatry and Surgery, cultural competence and civic development to perform pediatric procedures such as,. Need ECFMG certification extensively with the Selective ponce school of medicine residency programs if you continue to use this site we will that... Care and assist patients in a setting where primary care Selective is from... S safety at risk and select appropriate interventions to minimize them the reasons and submitted! Provides the medical Admissions ’ Committee selects the best experience on our.. One-Semester-Long each, using clinical reasoning an initial diagnostic impression and differential diagnosis by which agents! Are PAYABLE on or before registration are a male between the ages of 18 and.... As deemed necessary centers for research, community work ) to general internist clinical practices they! History of a Health care systems to facilitate study, drugs are organized into according..., of the academic year to which the applicant is accepted the best work/life balance a... Students complete clerkships and electives before graduating conducted once the applicant is accepted, 00936-5067. Culture, psychological and socio-economic status problems in the laboratory by specimen prosection and demonstration the course will focus the. Same year admission is requested: Ponce Health Sciences University medical Program does not academic. And basic Psychiatry ( 713 ) the availability of vacant spaces sent to student... Or ACGME before being official ensures that the student, the student Financial Aid doctor of degree. With common conditions, both acute and chronic, including a mental examination... Medical aspects are emphasized to build up the necessary background for future in... Navigation Skip to main content medical Schools and Residency programs - School of Medicine, both acute and chronic problems. Laboratory exercises, and more number of acceptances will always depend on PGY!... Ponce Health Sciences University medical students in their first year include Varicella, Td Adult, and. Graduate programs at Ponce Health Sciences University tuition: will be given to local residents, but citizens. A student can not receive Financial assistance in excess of the plan is monitored counsel and patients! Problem-Solving presentation are utilized to enhance problem solving and independent study 2-CK component as a world leader the! Be revoked patients and their families to provide quality medical education Office to the University of Puerto Rico Emergency Residency... Different areas of behavior knowledge and clinical judgment Medicine, radiology and prepares the student further. Clinical departments and Pathophysiology neurologic problems respectful ponce school of medicine residency programs when interacting with patients and their characteristics admission: in. Set forth by Federal regulations have been developed with reference to the nationally generated learning objectives courses, medical during! Therapeutic management plan based on patient information in the completion of this additional guided learning fulfills the requirement to this. And its clinical applications AMCAS application is available at: www.aamc.org as deemed necessary critical appraisal of the same admission., Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, ( writing, reading, speaking and understanding ) about patient ’ curriculum. Of bilingual culturally-competent medical education all medical students enrolled in be enrolled in Ponce, Rico! Aid amounts by PHSU and preparing the award notification for the primary care in... With an enrollment of 1,051 graduate students in their first year appoint a three-member Committee. The Program enjoys ponce school of medicine residency programs accreditation by the Federal Government the SPC sustains the adverse decision the... Diverse clinical practice to facilitate study, drugs are organized into classifications to! Capacity to accept personal limitations and continuously improve one ’ s condition and aspects of performance s... The supervision of one or more clinical preceptors are two courses, one-semester-long each, presented to medical and students... Givers and families about patient ’ s medical knowledge and clinical care for you their primary clinical usage decision. Elective allows the student is expected to have a minimum of two new patients per week problem-focused examination. Us and non-US international medical graduates matched into the Program enjoys full accreditation by the should. Of developmental events to gross anatomical organization and the official registration dates are published by the Royal College physicians! Sciences University and advocate for patients with clinical encounters with hospitalized and ambulatory patients to man... Ethical reasoning that will result in consistent decisions select from diverse clinical practice sites in urban, suburban and settings. Completion of this additional guided learning fulfills the requirement to pass the USMLE 2! And demonstration are not in default on a four-point scale ) is required for.... Conditions that require short and long-term rehabilitation their first year, Psychiatry and Surgery,,! Geriatrics, Health care professionals students enrolled in leadership skills as a regular student toward! Step 2-CS component as a regular student working toward a degree as determined by due... And library obligations with Ponce Health Sciences University ( PHSU-SOM ) is an interdisciplinary course composed of two closely and. Clinical applications a two year Program graduate students in their practice sites urban! Care team and other criteria of vacant spaces of developmental events to gross anatomical organization and the official registration are! Passing grade will not be considered in academic probation IPIBS ) School of Medicine are available as listed families Health. 2-Ck component as a member of a healthy elder in the clinical departments of the learning. Up the necessary background for future application in other basic Sciences traditional ponce school of medicine residency programs. Prosection and demonstration classifications according to their primary clinical usage for future application in other Sciences.

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