Audio Teachings

The following sermons were delivered at Bet Shalom v’Emet in Fresno, CA.

It may take a minute or so to load the audio files depending on your connection speed. Some of the audio quality on a few messages is low due to having been recorded in a large auditorium. I have tried to improve the quality as much as possible.


Choose Life – an important message on the restoration of Israel


From Despair to Hope


From Anxiety to Shalom


Hanukkah – Light Trumps Darkness


Selfishness and the Myth of Self-Esteem


Falsely Accused


Biblical Counseling and Personal testimony


Lessons on the Torah


Restoration (An important message on the restoration of Biblical truth for these last days)


Stages of Theological Change (How do we process change and how do we help others do the same?)


The Existence of God (A solid argument for skeptics, agnostics, atheists and other rebels)


The Plan of Salvation


The Ten Commandments or the Ten Suggestions? (A Scriptural examination of absolute truth)